How to Detect You Have Covid-19’s Symptoms at Home

Covid-19 today has mutated and it is even harder for us to detect the virus as the person who contacted the virus will no more longer shows any signs of symptoms. This also means that anyone in the public area now could be a Covid-19 carrier without them know it.

Tenda TX3 AX1800 Dual Band Gigabit WiFi 6 Router: Faster, More Stable & More Connections

Slow WiFi can be very annoying especially if you are staying, working, or even while playing games. Slow internet speed can ruin your day whether you need to upload work-related files on the cloud or even if you need to stream your favorite show on Netflix. This is most probably due to the reason that your old router or the router that has been supplied by your local Internet Service Provider coul...

Mi Smart Band 6: Value for Money Smart Tracker

Xiaomi has recently launched its new series of affordable Mi Band fitness trackers; Mi Smart Band 6. The Mi Band has dominated the cheap tracker space, but with Amazfit, Samsung, Huawei, and even Fitbit pushing the price down of their most affordable fitness trackers in the market. While the Mi Smart Band 6 has been the talk of the town right now, I have got one of the Mi Smart Band 6 with me to t...

Easy Steps to Prepare Thai Style Chicken

As Asian, we loves Thai foods. We believe that most of us have a bottle of Thai Chilli Sauce in our fridge. We normally will used it as a dipping sauce for appetizers, for examples: spring rolls, fried chicken, fried wontons, chicken lettuce wraps, shrimp cake, salmon patties and many other local fried foods.

Making Delicious Curry Chicken in Just 3-Steps

Many of us had eaten Curry Chicken before and we had always thought that it was not easy to prepare as there were many ingredients that we need to prepare in order to complete the cooking. With the technology that we have now, it was not impossible for us to prepare a delicious hearty meal in just minutes of time. There were many products out there that could help us in our meal while we are busy ...

Never Lost Your Stuff Anymore with Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

Samsung has recently launched its latest own accessory take on a Bluetooth-powered tracker. It hasn’t broken any new ground with the Galaxy SmartTag and this isn’t the first tracker of its kind but Samsung has made it as a further expansion to its ecosystem of connected devices.

Samsung Galaxy A72: In-Depth Review

Last year, the midrange Galaxy A71 was a success and became quite popular. Now, its successor is here; the Galaxy A72 which would be expected to steal the show again. After our first impression of what we think about the Galaxy A72, we have come out with a more in-depth review of the phone and its performance in this article after trying it out for one week.

Samsung Galaxy A72: Our First Impression

It comes to our surprise that Samsung has launched it's new mid-range phones; the A-series phones; the A52, A52 5G and A72 much earlier this year. These two models of smartphones were designed to bring more premium features to a larger crowd, making them more accessible. Due to the pandemic, Samsung has streamed the event worldwide, which consisted of a prerecorded video introducing its new Galaxy...

Samsung Galaxy S21+ Full Review

Samsung once again has launched a new series of Galaxy S phones to the market and this year its on the every early of the year. For the second year in a row, Samsung unveils three phones in the same series as part of the spring flagship roster. After 2 weeks of trying the phone out, we have come out with a more in-depth review of the phone and its performance in this article. Below are some of the...

Samsung Galaxy S21+ First Impression: Why We Love IT!

As many were aware, Samsung has launched another flagship phone series in 14th January 2020. The series comprises of the; Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra. We have manage to get the first batch of the Samsung Galaxy S21+ and here are our first impression on the phone.

Experience a Night Stay in Space at only RM 38

Many of us had dream or heard about living in space, but living in space is just a dream up to now at least. Even though Elon Musk are working hard to create a space ship for us to travel the space. Nevertheless, there are a chance for us to have a short trip experience living in space for a night in Kuala Lumpur. By how?

Pairing Wine with Local Asian Foods Only at Eco Wine

Eco Wine a wine and dine restaurant in Kuchai Lama offering a wide range of liquor has recently partnered with an experienced local cook; Rachel Loh which has more than 10 years experience in F&B to create a series of asian fusion cuisines that are perfectly paired with wines.

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