Get Aussie Summer Fruits for Your Chinese New Year Gifting

Chinese New Year is coming and one of out new year rituals is to offer Chinese New Year gifting during our visits to our friends and families. To encourage more healthier foods habits, why not try to give something different this year? A basket of fruits? Fruits especially peaches are a popular gift during Chinese New Year as they symbolizes the wish for a long and healthy life.

The Perfect Wedding Venue

Most of the wedding venue in Malaysia requires you to coordinate other special arrangements for your wedding. It means that you still have to work on all those side arrangements such as photo booth, guest souvenirs and etc.

INFINITI brings together singer from Malaysia and Singapore

Datin Diana Danielle who is famous for several characters in Malaysian musical films proves he is able to sing well and create a name besides the famous singer of the homeland. The result of Singapore singer collaboration Reyza Hamizan and NeonSoul decided to partner with him eventually producing a song titled Infiniti.

Discover the Exotic Taste of Jeju Exclusively at Jasons Food Hall

Known for its commitment to provide consumers with high quality products sourced from around the world, Jasons Food Hall offers a plethora of items to consumers seeking for gourmet groceries, fine wines, and top-brand health and beauty products. For the first time ever during this festive season, Jasons Food Hall will be extending their product offering to feature gourmet food, groceries, as well ...

Top 3 Tech Items to Buy this 11:11 on Lazada

As a smart consumer, many of us tend to put all the things that we like to buy in our wishlist and wait for the best time to buy it. Lazada's 11:11 Shopping Festival is coming this 11 November 2018 and we will be getting a chance to get some of the products that we love at a discounted price at Lazada.

The Bird Southern Table & Bar an award-winning Yardbird from Miami and Las Vegas opens in Marina Bay Sands

The Bird Southern Table & Bar at Marina Bay Sands is the first Asian venture of James Beard nominated and award-winning Yardbird from Miami and Las Vegas, which officially opened in July 2017. Renowned US restaurateur and founder of 50 Eggs, John Kunkel, will be here in Singapore on 13 September and we would like to invite you for a phone interview. We have an opportunity to interview John Kun...

How Not To Waste Leftover Foods

Malaysians are blessed with many good foods and it is available 24/7 in Malaysia. But this is also one of the reason that Malaysians created many leftover foods which has comes up to 15,000 tonnes daily in Malaysia alone. According to United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, 20% of this amount are untouched leftovers that are still edible. This amount has been claimed to be sufficient to ...

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