According to Elon Musk’s prediction, people will no more longer likes to own a car. By then it is more cost effective if you least a car rather than buying one.

Of course this prediction applies to the Europen countries but Asian will also be following right after them. Malaysia have started to promotes car pool and sharing a few years ago and now this is the next trend thst will be happening soon.

Mr. Nizran Kudus, CEO of Rideasy

Mr. Nizran Kudus, CEO of Rideasy

“Two of the main reason car renting is the future are because of the traffic congestion and the affordability of cars in Malaysia.” said Mr. Nizran Kudus, CEO of Rideasy

According to Khazanah’s Research, the median of a house in Malaysia is RM 250k = more than 2 Honda Civic car (RM 110k a car). Contrary, the median of a house in Australia is USD 660k = 22 Honda Civic car (RM 30k).

“This shows that cars in Malaysia are more unaffordable than Australia and this is predicted to keep on rising. But many of Malaysian start to buy their car firs instead of a house. This has make them not being able to afford a house later in their life.” said Nizran

Why rent?

– Cheaper than traditional car rental. With Rideasy, borrowers will have a wide selection of vehicles to choose from, such as sedans, MPVs, SUVs and high-end vehicles, all at an affordable price of up to 30% cheaper than normal market rates.
– No loan commitment for cars
– No maintenance expenses for cars
– Free breakdown assistance
– Insured vehicles. Users will have peace-of-mind as all transactions will be contracted with a sharing agreement and via a strategic partnership with Allianz Insurance, shared vehicle will be protected with 24/7 nationwide breakdown assistance and personal accident coverage.

Drive a Car without Owning It!

Frome left; CEO of Rideasy and Rideasy’s CEO Nizran Kudus and his partner, Rizal Mukti officiating at APW Bangsar

From left; Rideasy’s CEO Nizran Kudus and his partner, Rizal Mukti officiating at APW Bangsar

Last week,, Malaysia’s first online car sharing service provider, today soft-launched their web application at one of KL’s most hottest hangouts, APW Bangsar. is a car-sharing community where member can borrow cars directly from the owner, are now available in Kuala Lumpur.

You can borrow affordable cars from our community or car owners around Kuala Lumpur. Just choose a car, make a payment and have it delivered to you. It’s fast, secure and convenient.

By booking with, car renters are entitled to 24/7 breakdown assistance, approved, insured and roadworthy vehicles and get the car delivered directly to your door steps.

For car owners, this will be a good platform to earn some extra income, and as for borrowers, it will be a suitable alternative transportation platform to opt from especially those seeking to be free of financial commitments of owning and maintaining a car;

– Share and earn commissions
– Earn income from your car
– Manage your vehicle online from the comfort of your home (more control on who you would like to rent)
– Receive a Rideasy Protection Plan for your vehicle (just in case it happens)
– More time spend for families with earning more Website Website

To find out more about Rideasy or to sign up, do check out their;


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