Breaking fast is a very important meal of the day during Ramadhan. Its the meal that fills up your stomach after a long day of fasting. This year Ramadhan, Sunway Putra Hotel along with it’s award winning Executive Chef Rossham Rosli and his culinary expert team has created a large array of buffet menu focusing local favourite Malay cuisines.

With its thematic Ramadhan Buffet of Dari Dapur Ummi (means From Mum’s Kitchen), the promotion will run from 6th May – 4th June 2019 at Coffee House, Level 9 of Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur from 6pm onwards.

The Ramadhan Buffet offers a wide selections of Kerabu such as Kerabu Isi Kelapa Daun Selasih, Kerabu Inti Kelapa Pedas Kacang Botol and Pucuk Paku, Kerabu Kerisik Taugeh and Kacang Panjang, Kerabu Assam Limau Betik Mudan & Kedondong and Kerabu Ayam Pedas.

From appetizer counter, they offers varieties such as “Ulam”, Rojak, Pasembur, Gado-gado and Mixed Salad are also available to tease your taste buds.


Chef Rossham also have specially prepared a few must have action stalls such as Gulung-gulung (varieties of sushi), Rebus-Rebus (Gear Box Soup), Bakar-Bakar (Oriental Barbequed Lamb and Chicken & Beef Satay), Celup-Celup (Battered Squids and Prawns), Fish Head Kawah and Kukus Stall (Chef’s specialties of ten different choices of Traditional Talam Kueh).

Sup Gear Box
Oriental Barbeques Lamb
Fish Head Kawah
Chicken and Beef Satay
BBQ Ikan Bakar
Ubi Kayu Rebus
Roasted Lamb

Diners can expect combination of four of the Malay ‘lauk’pauk’ such as Ayam Percik Seri Menanti, Daging Dendeng Cili, Kambing Dalca Mangga Muda, Ikam Kembong Asam Rebus, Ayam Madu Berempah, Daging Rendang Negeri Sembilan, Udang Masak Lemak Dengan Belimbing Buluh & Bunga Knatan, Ikan Tenggiri Acar Sampur Berempah, Ayam Masak Kicap Berempah, Udang Kalio dengan Pucuk Paku, Ikan Keli Salai Masak Lemak Bunga Kantan, Sotong Masak Sambal Cili Merah, Ayam Masak Kari Hiju Utara, Daging Lemak Cili Padi, Paru Goreng Berlada Merah and Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak.

To end the meal, diners may end their meal with mixture of local desserts and cakes; Ubi Kayu Rebus, Lompat Tikam, Badak Berendam, Ice-Kacang, Cendol, French Chocolate Tart, Chocolate Manggo Mousse, Yam Dark Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Green Tea Cake, Bubur Kacang Merah, Hawaiian Coconut Cake, Coconut Lemon Velvet and Bubur Kacang Hijau.

Ice Kacang
Badak Berendam
Talam Kueh 1
Talam Kueh 2
Cup Cakes and Assorted Jelly
French Chocolate tart, Chocolate Manggo Mousse
Assorted Cakes
Assorted Cakes 2

The Buffet is priced at RM 138 nett per adult and 50% is for children aged 7-12 yeard old. Below 7 years old is free of charge. Senior citizen entitles for 50% discount of RM 138 nett.

For reservation, contact us at 03-4040 9888 and speak to any of Coffee House team or email to

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