One of the thing that most of us will worry about is the foreign cash that we have to change for each travel. Before departing to any countries, we will normally monitor the money changer rates on the currency that we need for our travel.

Have you ever experienced, not having enough foreign currency when you travel or having too much currency balance when you are back in Malaysia?

Many of us opt to use our credit card in foreign countries when ever we need to purchase anything and we do not have enough foreign cash with us. Either to swipe it or using the ATM machine to withdraw some cash. This will actually incur a high transaction fees between our local bank and also the foreign banks that we are dealing with for that particular transaction. If we have too much of foreign cash balance when we are back, we either choose to keep it (which will make our cash stuck there) or we will change it back to our own currency (which again we will lost out in the currency exchange rate.

In overseas, there were an increasing trends for consumers to opt for an eWallet Debit Card such as Google Monzo and many more. These cards will be based on their own home country currency as the main account currency for the card. Which could solve the problem that many traveler have.

Recently, there were a similar eWallet Debit Card has launched in Malaysia. Its BigPay. BigPay is a mobile app with a card providing a simple interface for you to spend, send, receive and track money – anywhere in the world and it is regulated by our Bank Negara too. Means we are protected. So what could this BigPay card benefits us?

No Worries on Loosing Your Cash

With the card with you while traveling, there were no worries that your cash will be stolen or misplaced. All you need is some small cash for transaction or purchase on the street. P/s: Most of the stalls worldwide are now accepting cards hence you could use the BigPay cards any where. You do not need to upload money into BigPay upfront as you can top up your balance at anytime though local to local bank transfers or credit cards.

No Hidden Transaction Fees

When you are in foreign country and you would like to purchase anything using the BigPay card, all you have to do is to swipe and BigPay will help to convert the amount into RM using the currency exchange rate (real time currency rate and no mark up) on that day. For those who are concern on the high exchange rate, you could also check out the currency rate on that day first before deciding to use the card. Besides the currency exchange rate, there will be no transaction fee from BigPay (normally banks will change around 1%). The only additional fees that might applies would be the foreign network fees depending on the respective foreign network which is very minimal. Event their ATM withdrawal fees are fixed.

Get Transaction Alert Via Phone

In order to avoid unauthorized transactions, you may opt to receive transaction alert though your BigPay mobile apps. You will then receive an alert whenever there are and transaction being made with your BigPay card.

Track Your Expenses Via Mobile Apps

With BigPay apps, you can now track each any every monthly expenses and transaction that you made. This will enables you to have better overview on your expenses so that you could plan your future expenses better.

No Worries on Stolen Card

You could deactivate your card at anytime with BigPay app. You could also report your lost directly using the app. This will save you lots of hassle having to call the call center to deactivate the card and spend lots of money on international call to their call center.

Multiple Use Card.

In the country, you could also use the card as a debit card. As long as there are a MasterCard sign, you could make the payment using the card. You could also Share Money with Friends, Split Bill Payment, Pay with QR Code, Local Bank Transfer, International Bank Transfer and even withdraw you money in an ATM machine.

Steps To Get the Guaranteed RM10

You are guaranteed to get RM10 FREE from BigPay (and can still qualify for the draw for RM300) by following these steps:

1) Download the BigPay app (andriod) or (iOS)
2) Enter in your information so BigPay can send you your own card. Use promo code OJZOV9LXBN for a free RM10
3) Finish the rest of the registration (including a deposit of RM20 so BigPay knows that you are real – the RM20 is instantly spendable on your BigPay card once you activate it)
4) Wait 5-7 business days and get your card delivered to you completely free

Get FREE RM 10 when you key in this referral code: OJZOV9LXBN during you sign up.

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