Where ever we are, the best thing about Malaysia is we could find any foods around us. We could proudly announce that Malaysians are foodies.

During the night, guess what kind of foods does Kluang people look for? 2 of the famous foods around Kluang town were;

1) Roasted Pork (Jalan Tan Kim Seck)

This is just an ordinary shop located at Jalan Tan Kim Seck. But it’s roasted pork is not any ordinary roasted pork. Looking at the shop’s exterior and the packaging of the roast pork, it doesn’t really look that appetising. But looks can be deceiving and aren’t we taught to never judge a book by it’s cover.

Roasted Pork

Pop a piece into your mouth and you will know what it means. The skin is not just crispy, it’s crunchy like prawn crackers. And the fat layer, it’s not the chewy feel one would expect. The fat just melts in your mouth. The meat is just juicy.

Their secret recipe was to roast the whole pig instead by parts. With this techniques, it could preserve the juiciness of the meat while still get the crispiness of skin. Beside Roasted Pork, they also sells Roasted Char Siew and also Roasted Chicken.

Roasted Char Siew

Roasted Pork

The shop was located at one of the corner shop intersecting between Jalan Tan Kim Sek and and Jalan Haji Manap Nordin.

Their signboard was hard to be seen but you will definitely be able to find it as you would be able to see many pig hanging at the from of the shop.

Address: 6 Jalan Tan Kim Seck, 8600 Kluang Johor
Business Hours: 9pm onwards

2) Ling Chee Ling Chicken Rice

The famous Kluang Chicken Rice is located at Kampung Paya Basketball Court. The stall was initially run by a couple who transforms plain rice into a nice fragrant chicken and pork rice.

The stall named as Ling Chee Ling because the owner asking the same questions (in short cut way); “Ling Che?”, means drip sauce to each an every customer he have. If you wish to have a nice chicken or pork rice, you must visit this stall which is located at Kampung Paya Basket Ball Court.

Address: 167, Jalan Paya 3/2 Kampung Paya, 86000 Kluang Johor
Business Hours: 12am – sold out



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