Back by High Demand Ruyi & Lyn Offers Even More Delicious CNY Cuisines This Year

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Oriental Group has always been well known for its quality and delicious cuisines and they have never disappoint us even once. The most creative restaurants in its arm are Ruyi & Lyn. Due to its creative delicious Pork Free cuisines and also dining environment, Ruyi & Lyn also has been a the most sought after venue for many big brands launching and events.

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This Chinese New Year, Ruyi & Lyn’s Corporate Executive Chef; Chef James has prepared another Chinese New Year reunion set which will definitely surprise your taste buds again. The Chinese New Year dining set was not only tasty but also being cooked and presented in a beautiful manner.

Among the dishes highlights were; Phoenix’s Cloud, Boston’s Big Sister, Bird Nest Chicken Wings, Star Grouper Money Pocket, Shanghainese Rice Cake, Fortune Ball, Koi Fish “Nian Gao” and of course not forgetting our Chinese New Year must have dish; Mighty Mouse “Yu” Sang.
Phoenix's Cloud
Boston's Big Sister
Bird's Nest Chicken Wings
Star Grouper Money Pocket
Shanghainese Rice Cake
Fortune Ball
Koi Fish Nian Gao
Mighty Mouse Yu Sang

Buy Genuine Tramadol Online Uk If you would like to pamper your loves ones and friends (especially those who are fussy with foods), this is the reunion place that you must go for. The meals will definitely not disappoint anyone at any age. We have brought different ages family members over to the restaurant to try it out and it has proves that all of them loves it no matter what age they are.

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