Are you looking for authentic Korean foods in town? While we are still on lockdown, traveling does not seems possible at the time. As Malaysian, we had always loved food no matter what type of food it is. But getting an authentic traditional meal from other countries was not easy even though there were many cafes and restaurants who are offering the same meals. Most probably it was because the dishes have been localized to suits our local taste. At eRayn3, we love Korean foods and we had been looking around for authentic and delicious Korean foods and recently we have found one Korean restaurant nestled in Sunway Velocity Mall named Han Gang. The restaurant doesn’t caught our eyes tat first as it looks normal but later on to our surprise, there were on Korean old lady coming out from the kitchen to greet us. As she comes out from the kitchen, our heart tells us we should give this restaurant a try! Hence we have decided to check out a few dishes recommended by the lady from the menu; Samgye Tang (Chicken Gingseng Soup), Jajangmyeon (Korean Style Black Soya Bean Sauce Noodle), Kimchi Jeon (KimChi Pancake) and Bossam Jungsik (Set menu of Napa Wraps with Pork). If you are craving for Korean foods, Han Gang would be one of the restaurant that you would not want to miss visiting. For more information on Han Gang, check out their Facebook at

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