Many people do not like pork knuckle because because of its fats and porky taste. But have you wonder why there are still many people loves it and some of these restaurants were filled up by diners throughout the days?

The Champ Kitchen’s menu created by Yi Tangshanzu which origins from Fujian in China at 1880. In 1903, then he has migrated to Malaysia and continues it’s family cooking legacy in Malaysia. The Champ Kitchen’s traditional cooking styles includes the rope tying ,ethod, oiling, coloring, and also concocting the secret sauce that complement the braised, soaked and stewed chinese gastronomics. Each batch of pork trotters will takes about 72 hours to achieve the right taste and tenderness.

Due to the nature of cookery, there will be up to 180 pork knuckles being cooked in one go. This will also produce a large amount of collagen and calcium, which according to The Champ Kitchen’s research, will be beneficial for whitening, anti-ageing, blood nourishing and so on.

In order to share the foods with others, his grandson has decided to opened up it’s first The Champ Kitchen in Kepong Industrial Park to offers his gandfather’s dishes to the public in 2015 and after a successful opening in Kepong, they are now in opening up its second outlet in Solaris. So what’s so special about their grandfather’s homecook’s dishes?

Below are some of their best seller dishes in their restaurant:

Pork Hind + Knuckle Rice

Knuckle Bun

White Jade

Pork Knuckle Spicy Noodle

Drunken Pork Knuckle

Salmon Soup

For more information on The Champ Kitchen, you may check out their facebook at:

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