The architecture of Singapore’s prestigious Parkview Square was inspired by the glamourous Art Deco skyscrapers of Europe and New York, along with London’s Battersea Power Station.

Those same influences carried over to the building’s dramatic lobby bar, which was in need of a contemporary update that would also make its original design sing.

Layers of old and new create an elegant, world class space

Instead of a complete overhaul, we worked with our client on a gentler, more evolutionary approach to the refurbishment, adhering to the vision of the property’s developer, CS Hwang, and faithfully restoring the original design by James Adams Design.

AtlasBar Parkview Square

AtlasBar Parkview Square

We approached it as both an intervention and conservation project with contemporary enhancements, seeking to turn ATLAS into one of the world’s most memorable drinking and dining venues.

We respected the richly detailed and elaborate space – reminiscent of 1920s New York – with a layered design that references the geometry, gilded brass work and frescos throughout the development.

We turned the venue’s signature, three storey liquor cabinet into the dramatic new home for the world’s largest gin collection. We added an elegant new platform for bartenders to access spirits, a champagne room and over scaled bars.

A warm and welcoming arrival for guests

To create a sense of arrival, we simplified the entrance point and introduced a ‘statement’ desk with a dramatic gold stainless steel screen that frames the entry and creates a sense of warmth.

ATLAS offers an all day dining experience, so we needed to ensure our design worked from morning until night.

We changed the bar’s spatial planning to create intimate seating zones and allow for a wide range of configurations without compromising the daily experience for guests. This also increased seating capacity, maximised floor space and improved circulation.

Old world glamour and romance

AtlasBar Parkview Square Dinning Area

AtlasBar Parkview Square Dinning Area

All the furniture in the refurbishment was custom designed to balance contemporary style with decorative period touches, and the colour palette and materials were inspired by the original design scheme.

The form of the furniture was kept simple but expansive to complement the bar’s vast space and intricate, gilded interiors.

All these design touches – large and small – have transformed ATLAS into one of Singapore’s most breathtaking spaces and a global drawcard for cocktail and wine connoisseurs, and novices alike.

“Emotionally, we in the family all have such a strong feeling about this place, and the space has come out as a very faithful restoration, but elevated.” Vicky Hwang, Managing Director, Chyau Fwu Development

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