The recent famous visiting place that people are talking about in Melaka would definitely be Encore Melaka. You may seen many has taken great photos at the outside of the Encore building and yes it is as great as the photos has shown.

Encore Melaka theatre is a landmark of contemporary architecture in Melaka which was specifically designed by is Mr Wang Ge from Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (BIAD) – renowned as a technological research center of informatization architecture design and construction in Beijing.

Encore Melaka has been created as a performing arts theater with a 360 degree rotating audience platform with a facing on a 240 meter long stage with multiple built-in hydraulic stages. Which was specifically made to enhance audience senses through the vivid combination of audio and lighting and 3D projection mapping with intricate theater props creating a virtual reality that allows audience to travel through times.

Last weekend, eRayn3 has went over to Melaka specifically to experience its Encore Melaka Impression Series performance with a series of touching life stories of the locals (Malaccan).

The performance is expressed through the blend of traditional and contemporary dance performs by 200 local performers in an approximately 75 minutes shows that bring the audience into a time machine back to time and space.

The show is a combination of a few short stories regarding on what has happened in the past through artistic performances to emanate a meaningful experience for the audience.

It starts with the Parameswara story that shows the famous tale of how Melaka got its name in year 1400, followed by the Cheng Ho story that happens in 1405 when Cheng Ho and his men from China arrives in Melaka for the first time. The shows then talks about how a men named; Ah Jie the Baba get married to the locals named;Ah Lan the Nyonya and created a new race named Baba Nyonya in year 1880.

The performance the changed their story focusing on a tale of an old man and his six adopted mothers stories that happens in Melaka which shows the unity and acceptance regardless of race or religion and harmony with great intention to foster the future.

The story then changed to a pregnant woman who has difficult times during the World War 2 in Melaka which symbolizes the new birth of Melaka after the World War 2.

The performance then has changed to show a dedication of a craftsman named Awang a kite maker that wanted to ensure his tradition lived on. A story that also shows the tradition and rituals that were passed to each generation, forming an unique blend of culture and lifestyle in Melaka.

The final performance is performed by the whole team through the features songs and tales of Encore Melaka which showcases the talents, authenticity and uniqueness of what Melaka has to offer.

Overall, we are very impressed with the stage performance that has 360 degree of surprises with totally different types of scenes on the stage. It was definitely a place that are worth while visiting once a while.

The event is conducted in 3 languages English, Malay and Chinese. Priced starts at RM 128 per seat for Malaysian and RM 148 for non Malaysian and 50% off for senior citizens and student aged 13 years and above. (Free for children below 13 years old).

For more information on Encore Melaka, check out their website at

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