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Having a smartphone is convenient and has become a necessity for many, but the biggest fear for any smart device user is when their device starts acting up. Whenever that happens, there is the dread of having to waste a huge amount of money or time to get the problem fixed. That is why Samsung Advantage is here to absolve you of these worries for your Galaxy devices!

All-Time Support
With Samsung Advantage, you can seek help for technical issues from the remote safety of your home. The Samsung Customer Care Service is just a phone call away whenever you need help with your Galaxy device, 24/7. If remote troubleshooting is not solving the problem, they can help you arrange for an easy pickup and delivery repair run – all abiding by the latest SOPs, of course. Getting a premium service without having to leave the comfort of your home is the kind of Advantage that Samsung offers for its users.

All-Time Perks
If the glitchy device in your hands makes you want to get an immediate upgrade, then Samsung is the right choice for you. Do away with the headache of disposing your old device, and enjoy great instant rebates & savings by trading in your device for a Galaxy Model of choice. Regardless of your current device, Samsung Advantage will always make sure that you feel invited whether you are a current or new Galaxy owner.

All-Time Protection
To give you peace of mind, you can also sign up for Samsung Care+ to make sure your device is well-protected. Many are sure to recall moments where your device fell or liquid splashed onto your device, and the subsequent fear of your device breaking down. Samsung Care+ will cover any of the multiple repairs for those accidents, up to the cost of your device so that a little repair won’t cost you an arm and a leg

All-Time Online Shopping
If you have decided to get a Galaxy device, but are unsure of which choice to make, Samsung Advantage has got you covered as well! Our online e-promoters will be on hand to help you with any inquiries or questions you may have so your shopping experience can be an easy and comfortable affair. We also have a zero-interest Easy Instalment Plan at the ready so you can arrange a payment plan that suits you best.

All-Time Convenience
Once you get your new Galaxy device, there is always the pain of picking and choosing which data to transfer from your old device to your new one. However, with Samsung Smart Switch , you can do away with those worries as well. You can transfer all of your data to your new device either through a wireless device-to-device connection or using a USB cable, regardless of an IOS or Android system. Our Galaxy personnel will be available to help you should you run into any hiccups, and we also have a host of online workshops and tutorials for you to explore your Galaxy device better.

Samsung offers many Advantages for its users, and we make sure all Galaxy owners are cared for through our services. There are many more perks to be had with Samsung Advantage, so why not let our #TeamGalaxy tell you more about it. This week you can catch Shu Faye of @shufayewong handling our worst nightmare: liquid damage meets smartphone, and how Vanessa of @vanessareynauld avoids anxiety with her Samsung smartphone:
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