Home cooked foods were something that we craved for even when we are far away from home.

D’Munch Kitchen a newly opened restaurant in Petalz Residences off Jalan Klang Lama focusing on homecook Pork dishes has been filled with diners on a daily basis. What makes this restaurant so special where it can attract so many locals to visit them on a consistent basis?

Based on the study, we realized that the dishes recipes were originated from the chef’s 76 years old grandmother; the chef has then taken the recipes he learned from her to D’Munch Kitchen to offer more comfort foods to the locals that is far away from their home, working in Kuala Lumpur.

Among the recommended dish in the restaurants were; Hong Kong Choy Sum, Pork Rib Curry which recommended to goes with Golden Mantau, Pork Innard Soup and D’Munch Braised.

Hong Kong Choy Sum
Pork Rib Curry
Golden Mantau
Pork Innard Soup
D’Munch Braised

The dishes was also reasonably price. You could get a porky dish at only RM 15 which could be consumed by 2-4 people. Which comes to an average of RM 17 or lesser a meal for one pax. Which makes it affordable for everyone.

P/s: D’Munch also offers Rice Dumplings for its guest on every Tuesday (while stock last) too. Among the Rice Dumplings that they offers are the Homemade Red Bean Filling Kee Zhang and Homemade Bak Zhang filled with Meat, Chestnut, Golden Yolk, Dhal and Mushroom.

Homemade Red Bean Filling Kee Zhang
Homemade Bak Zhang filled with Meat, Chestnut, Golden Yolk, Dhal and Mushroom

For more information on D’Munch Kitchen, check out their Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/dmunchkitchen/

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