When talks about smartwatch, did it gives you an impression that it is a digital watch? Have you ever thought that a common look watch could also be a smartwatch?

Noerden has did it! Noerden is a new French Brand of smart devices to stay connected with style! Its vision is to bring together minimalist design and smart technology to enhance your daily life.

What so special on Noerden Smart Watch?

1) Hybrid Smart Watch Design

Noerden offers hybrid smart watch design catering to users who do not likes digital watch which will enable users to use the watch no any other occasions in life.

2) MIX & MATCH Your Style

With one smartwatch frame and multiple smart watch bands to be selected, there will definitely be suitable watch combination for everyone and every style.

Now you can change your watch bracelet as easy as changing your clothes! With MIX & MATCH you can optimize your wardrobe and get loads more compliments!

3) Track All Data In One Place

From hybrid smart watches to health tech, its products conveniently synchronize to the same app to track all your data in one place.

a) Connect all your Noerden’s products all in one apps – Whether you are using multiple of smart watches, smart scales or even its smart bottles.
b) Track your personal goals – set and track you individual health goals.
c) Follow your daily activity – track all your movements for a clear understanding on your activity and habits such as steps, calories, total distance, walking distance, running distance and goal completion.
d) Monitor your sleep – Get a detailed analysis of your sleep patterns to improve you energy levels.
e) Select your training – Choose your workouts between different sport (such as Yoga, Run, Cycle, and Walk) and start tracking your performance for each

4) No charging required

Not like other smart watches which requires you to charge it on a daily or weekly basis which will makes you missed out on certain details on your daily activities, Neorden smart watches do not need to be recharged! The build-in battery could run 24/7 for at least 6 months!

5) Other special functions:

The smart watch also enables auto global times sync with your phone, music control, camera remote control, silent alarm, message notifications and also find my phone.

Among the highly recommended smart watch by users were its Life 2+ for female and Mate 2 for male in our opinion. The obvious difference between both model are the HIIT Workout function that are only available for Mate 2.

The HIIT Workout function is a pre programmed trainings that are stores inside the watch and apps to help users to build up their mussels and cardios. The training programs has been divided into Light, Moderate, and Intense category. They even have special trainings 100% for Abs too. This programs are most suitable for mes who would like to have a better body figures.

Life 2+ and Mate 2 Specification:

Now you could track your health activities with style without letting others know about it. Price at RM 469 for Life 2+ and RM 559 for Mate 2, Noerden is the best smart watch that we at eRayn3 have ever tried.

To purchase or more information on its products availability, check out its Lazada’s official store at https://www.lazada.com.my/shop/noerden

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