How Dulux is uniting Malaysians, one coloured project at a time

With an estimated 7.7 billion individuals living in the world today, you’d be hard pressed to find common uniting factors. For example, in the City that Never Sleeps, no one would blink if you addressed a person by his or her first name when meeting the person for the first time, but in the Land of the Rising Sun, calling a person by their first name would likely take away some brownie points.

Perhaps the one thing that is common around the world is the meaning behind colours. Take a look at traffic lights – red means stop, amber to slow down and green is when you put the pedal to the metal (please drive safely at all times; racing is meant for the race track).

As one dives deeper into the world of colours, you begin to realise that our world is richer, more dynamic and vibrant thanks to colours. Think about it – would you rather spend hours in an office that has monotonous grey and white walls, complete with brown tables and black chairs; or would you rather be in an office that has blue ambient lighting, pastel-coloured walls and office paraphernalia that are of different colours?

One of the biggest names in the world of paints and colour today is Dulux, the leading decorative paints brand from AkzoNobel. With decades of experience in the field of paint, Dulux has been responsible for adding colour to our world; enriching it, while at the same time uniting us.

Wait. Colours unite? How? Well take a look at country flags – a whole country united under common colours. Then there are football club jerseys, and when we were in primary school, we were dutifully segregated into Rumah Kuning, Hijau, Merah and Biru as we ran, jumped and raced our way to the finish line for the sake of our “houses” during the annual sports tournaments.

Speaking of houses, our home is where we spend time to rest, recuperate and rejuvenate ourselves on a daily basis, but most importantly, it’s a place to unite and bond with our family. This makes a home the perfect place to add some colour.

Take a trip to Dulux’s website at and you’ll find tons of inspiration that can be used for a makeover project. From adding simple stripes to geometric shapes and even colour combinations to find amazing ideas that can be used to spruce up the living room, dining area, and bedrooms. The repainting process makes for a great family project – depending on the scope, it could take several hours, or several days, but the TV and gadgets stay off, so that’s a plus.

On a bigger scale, iconic buildings and monuments are also a uniting force for many. The Stadthuys in Malacca, for example, stands as an iconic building for Malaysians, and is the focal point for many Insta-worthy shots for local travellers, as well as tourists from around the globe. Painted red, the Stadthuys was built in the 17th century and is today a UNESCO World Heritage Site, making its preservation of utmost importance. Helping in this endeavour is Dulux, who has supplied a significant amount of exterior paint that comprises various colours, in addition to product expertise to maintain this structure. Using the Dulux Weathershield range in particular – which offers powerful protection against our extremely harsh weather elements to keep your walls clean longer – AkzoNobel is doing its part to preserve a uniting element.

More recently, AkzoNobel and the Malaysia Friendship Foundation (PERMAI) teamed up to brighten a stretch of wall along Jalan Raja Chulan with murals that celebrate love, respect and unity. Thanks to these colourful murals, pedestrians walking along this street now have vibrant murals to brighten up their day.

To sum it up, beyond the pigments and brush strokes, colours have the power to reach across cultures and unite us under one banner. All we have to do is just look around to appreciate the colours that are present in our everyday lives.

For more information on Dulux products offering, visit Dulux’s website at or Dulux Malaysia Facebook page at To obtain help from our colour consultation service, contact Dulux at 1-800-88-9338 or email Dulux at

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