Smartphones are changing our lifestyles. With the recent years competition, smartphones are breaking through each other’s technology to capture the heart of the consumers.

We have even dream of having everything we need in just a click of our hand. Now this is not a dream anymore. With the new Samsung Galaxy note 10+, now you could with with it like a portable computer, a game console, a movie device, camera and many more.

At a first glance, the effortless, ergonomic grip and lightweight build has set a new standard for smartphone design. Users could choose from a range of bold and vibrant hues. Made of durable Gorilla Glass 6, the polished glass material catches the light, creating a futuristic, premium aura to suits their own personal preference and style.

With its Infinity-O Display, it creates an uninterrupted view for its users. The front camera is tiny and discreetly positioned to minimize interruptions onscreen and for more natural eye contact too, the 10MP front camera now sits in the center of the screen and has been upgraded for better low-light shots. And with bezels pushed way back, we’ve given you a truly epic view.

Hidden within the screen is the Ultrasonic Fingerprint scanner. It pulses to detect the 3D ridges and valleys of your fingerprint for invisible security. The display lessens eyestrain and sleep disturbance by reducing harmful blue light at the pixel level, without compromising color.

The new camera system brings pro-grade movie technology to mobile and makes it easy to use.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is packed powerful pro-grade technology in your pocket with the multi-camera system, giving you the power to go from shoot to edit instantly. Blur out the backgrounds with video bokeh for movie-like depth of field and add special effects in real time to capture artistic moments that stand out.

Get hi-motion video without the motion sickness. The camera predicts movement by pulling from a library of over a million frames, reducing vibrations in your videos and shoot incredible color and detail in 4K UHD. Experience rich hues and contrast that stay accurate in each scene with HDR10+ and Dynamic Tone Mapping

It has Ultra Wide Camera captures what others miss too which could go as wide as 123° field of vision with the 16MP Ultra Wide Camera. Crop in with the 12MP Wide-angle Camera, or get closer with the 2x optical zoom on the 12MP Telephoto Camera. With F1.5 mode brings light into dark scenes, F2.4 mode keeps things sharp in bright daylight, and Night Mode brightens up the super low light scenes.

Samsung has improved its S Pecn with an elegant, unibody design, it follows your movements, and writes, draws, and controls longer. With a click, navigate a presentation, play and pause videos, or snap a photo — all with the S Pen, re-engineered SPen to match your movements, allowing you to control your phone via simple gestures, Jot down your thoughts then simply tap, turning your project notes into readable text you can copy, paste, and share, Draw in 3D with AR Doodle and S Pen. Your creations can track your face and the space around you for eye-catching videos and many more.

What’s in The Box

  1. 25-watt fast charger
  2. USB-C to USB-C Cable
  3. SIM ejector Tool
  4. Converter
  5. In-ear headset
  6. Manuals

Form, touch, and gesture combine to create a completely new experience for its users. For more information on Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, you may check out their website at

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