When comes to Western foods, we will always link to steaks, burgers, fries, bacon an spaghetti.

Have you every wonder why their foods were so boring? Actually westerners cuisines are also same like what we have. They have many types of foods depending on their location. Even in Europe they have Italian foods, German foods, Spanish foods and many more. In recent years, there were an increase trend in such varieties of offerings in Malaysia.

But have you ever know that London also have their own unique cuisines?

Nested in Jalan Telawi Bangsar, opens a restaurant & bar named W1 offers Londoners fusion foods to its diners. W1 stands for West 1 (area) in London. The foods that they serves were from this area.

The owner; Mr Daniel is from this area. He has been living in Malaysia for more than 8 years. Throughout his stay in Malaysia, he has learnt many types of local favorite cuisines in Malaysia.

He was then been inspired to opened up W1 to offer Londoners cum Local cuisines to the neighbourhood’s diners. Among the interesting yet delicious fusion cuisines available were; …….

W1 Scotch Egg. Soft boiled egg with a warm beef crust curried aioli and pickled red onions
Jiaozi. Duck dumplings with black vinegar, mushroom XO sauce
Butter Fish Tikka Marsala with almond cream, okra tempura and green chilli
Char Grilled Tiger Prawn with sliced potato and sauce vierge
Good Old Mac and Cheese. W1 Style served with spicy beef sausage
Fish and Chips. Crispy battered seabass, fat english chips and mushy peas
Steak Diane. Grain-fed chilled stirloin (200g), crushed roasted potatoes and a cream mustard sauce
Eton Mess. Mringue, strawberries, sorbet and yoghurt cream
Chocolate Truffle Cubes with coffee creme, blueberry & hazelnut crumble

These dishes was been carefully curated by David and his culinary team in order to offer an exclusive dining experience paired with wines and beers.

Of course not forgetting about the restaurant & bar design was also being specially designed based on the British restaurant & bar style to enhance the feeling that you are in London.

For more information on W1 check out their facebook at https://www.facebook.com/W1asia/

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