The 101 Hotel Room

The 101 Hotel Room

If you happens to visit Yogyakarta or in short Jogja and looking for a decent hotel.

The 101 Hotel located 50 meter away from Tugu is one of the hotel that you can consider.

THE 1O1 Hotel & Resort is a smart and stylish lifestyle. Encouraging both guests to experience the true soul of the accommodation service.

Embodying the elements of water that is both refreshing and lively, THE 1O1 Hotel & Resort are coherent with the concept of creating a one of a kind masterpiece. Astounding design on its architectural and Interior structure delineates the characteristic of each property.

The 101 Hotel Restaurant

The 101 Hotel Restaurant

The 101 Hotel also are located 500 meter way from the well know shopping street Jalan Malioboro about 100 meter away from the hotel too, there is a well known local restaurant named Madam Tan Resto which is famous with it’s local Indonesian foods.

It offers escape of life stressors in the most legendary urban areas. It is the place where business travelers can work smart and play hard, yet a destination for leisure travelers everywhere.

THE 1O1 Hotels & Resorts are the place where story of trends and lifestyles are created and shared.

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