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Chinese New Year is also a season of gifting. Besides getting together with our friends and loved ones, gifts are also considered as a kind of ways to deliver our blessings and wishes.

Chinese loves to gives meanings to things that they practice or do especially during Chinese New Year which includes gifts. Traditionally, they would offer Mandarin Orange or what we called in Chinese “Kam” which represent Gold during the visiting. Elderly and married couples also offers their blessings to the unmarried, kids and elderly by giving them a red packet which filled with money. Chinese do also send hampers to their business associates to wish them a Prosperous year ahead with abundance business and wealth.

One of the special gifts that Chinese commonly gives are “Bak Kwa” or what we called it BBQ Meat Slice. Bak Kwa is dried meat, similar to jerky. Bak Kwa is generally sliced thin and cut into squares. It can be made from beef, pork or mutton and while it traces its origins to Southern China, it is particularly popular in Singapore and Malaysia. Often times the meat is grilled over charcoal to give it a smoky flavour, then blended with a combination of spices, soy sauce and sugar. It can be used as an ingredient in other dishes or enjoyed on its own.

Traditionally, Bak Kwa was an expensive, luxury food and as such became popular during Chinese New Year when families wanted to welcome prosperity for the coming year and offer lavish gifts for friends and family. While it not as expensive as it once was, it is still a traditional Chinese New Year food and welcomed gift for friends or relatives representing luxury and prosperity wishes.

Normally it was being pack into a transparent packet and place into a red paper bag to be given as a gift. But that doesn’t looks luxurious any way right?

Founded in 1972, Wing Heong puts a lot of emphasis on handcrafting Traditional “Bak Kwa” that invokes a sense of nostalgia in its community. Knock together with first-grade meat that has never been frozen as well as precises grilling and smoking technique with family recipe sauce over a bamboo mesh, Wing Heong strives to serve its community with quality and palate-stimulating bites understands the need to have a better packaging to present the gift, Wing Heong has came out with a gift set: Wing Heong (WH) Town Gift Box which will delight those who received it.

WH Town Gift Box were made with the concept of hidden treasure in the box. At the first look, the box were beautifully designed with a main door entering to a Chinese village which creates a feel of us entering into a new Chinese wonderland world. Upon opening it you would see a big pack of Cripsy Chicken Floss/Crispy Pork Floss awaits you. Hidden at the bottom of the box, were 5 types of “Bak Kwa” (BBQ Sliced Pork, BBQ Honey Bacon, BBQ Minced Pork, BBQ Chicken and BBQ Spicy Pork) awaiting you to discover. After opening the whole box, you will realized that the inner box were showing the whole village and the activities that is happening there.

We personally loves the treasure box concept in the gift box. It really shows that Wing Heong has put lots of thoughts in creating a meaningful gift box for its customers as a gift of well wishes and prosperity.

“Bak Kwa” are one of the common gifts that Chinese gives during Chinese New Year. No matter whether you are going visiting or not this year, sending your wishes to your friends, families and loved ones through gifts would be an act of love too.

The WH Town Giftbox is a special limited release of only 1500 boxes. The idea of gifting allows your receiver a chance to participate in our contest and stand a chance to win these following prizes (participating before 26th February 2021) such as:

1st prize – 1 x Apple iPhone Pro Max 128GB (Pacific Blue)
2nd & 3rd prize – 1 x Apple iPad 8th Gen 128GB (Random colour)
4th & 5th prize – 1 x Apple Airpods with charging case.
Consolation prizes – 20 x RM100 E-credit and 30 x RM50 E-credit

If you are interested to get one, grab it while you can at https://www.wingheong.com/

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