Samsung has recently a lunched its new A series smart phone Samsung A70 focusing on the upper mid-range consumers.eRayn3 has tried this new Samsung A70 out and this were some of the things that we found:


On the fist impression, the phone’s design is identical to those of both the Galaxy A50 and the A30. Hence there were not much difference in the look and feel of the phone.

The Bigger Screen

Even though the exterior of the phone did not change much, Samsung has increased the screen size for the Samsung A70. In particular, looks like a perfect fit for people who spend a lot of time browsing social media or watching video content on their phone.


Whats special about the Samsung A70 was the camera feature that is offers. With 32MP front camera and 3 rear cameras for 32MP f1.7 aperture, 8MP 120-degerr wide angle camera and 5MP depth sensor camera enables users to have 3 types of lenses in the same phone.

Super Fast Charging Charger

Samsung A70 bundled with a 25W fast charger makes the package quite appealing since most competing devices tend to ship with a low-watt charging adapter.

Battery Life

An advantage of the larger dimensions is that Samsung was able to stick in a much larger battery. The 4,500mAh cell in the Galaxy A70 ensures that you will easily get a full day of use and likely more. On average, the phone lasted close to two full days. Screen-on time was close to seven hours, a pretty good figure for a phone with a display as large as this.

Samsung Pay Not Supported

The downside of the phone was it’s inability to use Samsung Pay in it which makes it a bit difficult for those who are currently using it.

What’s in The Box

  1. 25-watt fast charger
  2. USB-C to USB-C Cable
  3. SIM ejector Tool
  4. TPU case
  5. In-ear headset
  6. Manuals

A very basic clear case is included in the package, though you will probably want to switch it out for a better case. A minor but interesting addition is the switch to a USB-C to USB-C cable, which is a departure from the USB A to C cables we’ve seen bundled with most phones.

Samsung A70 was price at RM 1999 and its available at or any Samsung’s participating retail outlet in Malaysia.

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