BreadStory name is not foreign for most of us as most of us has heard about it or even brought some food from them.

Seduced by the alluring aroma and tantalising taste of freshly baked designer bread, one woman dream of creating a boutique bakery filled with the most mouth-watering selection of gourment breads, delicate pastries and sublime sweets made from only the finest, freshest ingredients. With a knack for baking and a passion for pleasing, she set out to turn her culinary dream into a palate-pleasing reality.

In September 2002, she opened her first boutique bakery with much fanfair in Mid Valley and to date, BreadStory has become Malaysia’s truly flavoursome and popular household brand with a chain of 20 outlets within Malaysia and growing, wining hearts & fulfilling the kneads of each targeted market segment.

IMG_9038_Easy-Resize.comBreadStory believes in not only using the finest and quality ingredients for all of its products, premium service and stylish presentation go hand in hand to create a special experience for customers, as what people always quoted “One will be spoil for choice in a world of confectioneries in BreadStory”.

Tiers of genres from sweet buns to savoury breads, pastries to freshly baked loaves and delicate desserts & cakes never fail to amaze customers with its extensive flavours and competitive pricing.

BreadStory make history on its most celebrated creations selling by the thousands when it opened as the first BOUTIQUE BAKERY in Malaysia and that is till now the popular flossy buns carrying the names Flossy Signature, Flossy Hottie, Flossy Sponge, Flossy Twist, Musang Durian, Lava Croissant, Magic Cheese Wand to Red Chamber and many more.

BreadStory Anniversary Special storewide

Date: 14 & 15 October 2017 (Saturday & Sunday)
Time: All day long

  • RM 2.50 on all buns
  • 25% discount on cakes
  • RM 1 mineral water with any item purchased

For more information on BreadStory outlet, visit

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