Air-conditioners do not come cheap. They’re about the price of a higher-end mobile phone, and likely an essential item in your household, what with our year-round sweltering hot weather.

Like any equipment or machine, if you keep it efficient and in good working condition, the air-conditioner can often serve you and your family for years. Cleaning one to keep it that way also takes very little time and money — because you can just DIY in a jiffy.

That means you do not have to call for a contractor and spend anything upwards from RM100 per unit, to do the job. That also means you do not have to deal with the hassle of scheduling a time for the contractor to come, and waiting for him to get the job done. Keeping your air-conditioner clean also means you will likely avoid having to fork out for a big repair job when (not if) your neglected air-conditioner breaks down.

Don’t know how to DIY? Here’s how:

Just get a can of WD-40’s 3-IN-ONE® PROFESSIONAL AIR CONDITIONER CLEANER, set aside about 20 minutes of your time, and follow the step-by-step below:

1. Make sure the power from your unit is disconnected. If not, switch it off.
2. Remove the unit’s filters and wash away the dust on them.
3. Spray the 3-IN-ONE® PROFESSIONAL AIR CONDITIONER CLEANER onto the cooling fins, vertically, from left to right. Make sure you cover each fin.
4. Let the cleaning agent penetrate into the fins. Wait for 10 minutes, then slide the filters back into their slots.
5. Switch on the air-conditioner for at least 15 minutes to let any dirt be drained out through the drain hose.

That’s it! No rinsing required. Because the 3-IN-ONE® PROFESSIONAL AIR CONDITIONER CLEANER is a water-based cleaning agent that dissolves grease, dirt, fungi, mold and other build-up from the cooling coils of your air-conditioners.

After cleaning, your air conditioner will cool faster, thus saving electricity. Less energy use also means your air-conditioner will have less impact on the environment. Best of all? You will also enjoy cleaner and fresher air from your air conditioner.

And you just need about 20 minutes, every three to nine months — depending on what the user manual of your air-conditioner recommends, and how much allergens or dust is in your area.

Don’t wait until the unit starts blasting out warm, musty air in the middle of the hot afternoon, to get on with this simple DIY.

To get more tips and ideas on what you can do to improve and upkeep your home with the right products, check out on WD-40® as well as its 3-IN-ONE® product ranges, which specialises in heavy-duty solutions that are often the product of choice for trade professionals and serious DIY. (WD-40 Company acquired the 3-IN-ONE® Oil business in 1995.)

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