The holy fasting month of Ramadhan is about to start, which means the much anticipated Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration is inching nearer by the day. It also means it’s time to get our homes cleaned and ready for the big festive season!

But before you get started, we recommend that you have at least a can of WD-40® Multi-Use Product in hand. Why? Well, there are over 2,000 reasons why, which makes this blue wonder can such a must-have item in many homes around the world today.

However, it might be overwhelming to list all those many, many reasons why, all at one go. So we’ve randomly chosen 5 off the top of our head, which we also think will double-up as great tips to help you get your cleaning done in a jiff this Raya season. They are:

  1. Great stain remover:

Be it crayon doodling on your walls or aged coffee stains on your countertops, just spray the WD-40® Multi-Use Product on the affected surface and rub it off with a clean cloth!

2) Great for burnishing cutlery, steel/chrome decorations:

Polishing your kitchen ware or decorations to get the old looking new again is really just as easy as spray and rub.

3) Expert oil remover:

So you got stubborn patches of old grease in your parking garage? Just spray, leave on a few minutes and wipe it clean.

4) Works on tough scuff marks too:

Is your tiled floor (kitchen, bathroom, living room etcetera) marred by dirty scuff marks? Just spray on with the little blue can and then scrub to remove them.

5) Dried glue, gunk, and gum remover:

Just spray and rub them away. If it’s really old and dried stuff, just spray on a bit more and continue rubbing it until it gets off.

Now, you know why the WD-40® Multi-Use Product is such a handy helper to have around the house!

So don’t start on that massive cleaning job you have in mind without getting this helper in hand. Trust us, you’ll thank us for that later.

For more info on what WD-40®’s range of products can do for you, check out

P/S: Selamat Berpuasa!

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