Tim Ho Wan is a 2-Michelin Star has came to Malaysia with a bang about 3 years ago. With the ambition to expand it’s reach in Malaysia has announced closing all it’s restaurants in Malaysia due to lack of cash flow which many of us has heard for the past 2 days.

From the respond online, below are some of the possible reason Tim Ho Wan are experiencing losses on its business in Malaysia;

  1. The quality of foods has to be well maintained no matter what. As many of the customers who went to Tim Ho Wan has expressed it’s disappointment on it’s food quality and taste.
  2. Customer service plays an important role in providing good service to the clients. It seems like Tim Ho Wan was trying to cut their manpower cost by hiring foreigner to work as their waiter.
  3. Food pricing in Tim Ho Wan could be on a high side where not all customers could afford a daily meal like this. The most, they could only visit once a week or a month depending on their purchasing power.
  4. Food recognition could brings you first time or new customers but the quality of food and service will plays the major role in business sustainability.

The analysis above are based on our personal analysis on what we have get through online comments that we have read.

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