You have saw many great photos of farms that are in overseas. Especially New Zealand’s farm. But have you every thought that our farms in Malaysia are also equally as great as theirs too?

With the newly launched Lembaran Johor Tengah efforts, we have found some beautiful farms that are available in Kluang Johor. These places are great for friend and family outings and also of course it was a great place for photography too.

Among the 3 top shortlisted places in Kluang were:

1) UK Farm

Located in UK Agro Resort is UK Farm, which has the reputation of being Malaysia’s largest goat and sheep farm, with 100 acres of grazing land for 4000 sheep. It is a self-sufficient integrated farm practicing the most modern techniques in goat and sheep rearing.

UK Farm started with an objective to produce the best quality goat and sheep milk to local and international consumers and now they have opened up their facilities to the public for education also holiday experiences.

With the intention to share more information and experiences to the public, they have prepared a wide range of facilities that cater to your individual needs such as restaurant, farm mart, conference room, chalet, dormitory, barbeque area, open stage, camp site and karaoke.

UK Agro Resort, this makes it an ideal destination for everyone to escape from the hectic urban lifestyle and enjoy various recreational activities not available in the city. To check out more information on UK Farm, you may visit their website at

2) ZenXin Organic Park

Zenxin Organic Park is located about 100 kilometres from Johor Bahru, about 1 hour’s drive. From Johor Bahru, take the North-South Expressway and exit at Exit 244 Air Hitam toll. Then turn into Route 40 towards Kluang town and Zenxin Organic Park is located on the left of the journey.

Zenxin Organic Park in Johor was developed by Zenxin Agri-Organic Food, which is Malaysia’s leading producer of organic produce. The 100-acre park is Malaysia’s first organic farm that is opened to public and has educational and recreational value.

Visitors can choose a guided tour, cycle around the park, or simply take some time to walk around the park and enjoy the view. Dotted around the park are various attractions and activities for visitors. Join the “Be an organic farmer” programme and learn the proper methods of organic farming. Park tours are scheduled at 4 different times, at 9.30am, 11.30am, 2.30pm and 4.30pm, bringing visitors to the various farms available here.

Starting at the largest attraction, visit the green house, where most vegetables are grown and view how organic crops are cultivated. Along the way, drop by the pet area to feed the rabbits, before continuing with the trip to see the various fruits that are produced by the farm. There are flaming-red dragon fruit, sweet passion fruit, juicy mulberries, bananas and papayas, and not forgetting Malaysia’s famous king of fruits, the durian and more than a hundred types of herbs are organically grown, without the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Besides having the organic plantation visits and experiences, they are also one of the best place to enjoy sunset while dining healthily with friends and families. There is also a restaurant, a farmer’s market and flower nursery, where those with a green thumb can do some ‘green’ shopping and have a nice meal of greens.







It will definitely be a best place to check it out either for educational visits or a special romantic sunset dining. To check out more information on ZenXin Organic Farm, you may visit their website at

3) Pineapple Plantation

Simpang Renggam is a sleepy town in Johor, which is gradually gaining attention alongside the construction of the North-South Highway. What locals here call the “Sea of Pineapples”, where vast pineapple fields stretch towards the horizon, has turned into a popular attraction.

Malaysia was once the world’s top pineapple producer and Simpang Rengam is one of the main pineapple plantations that is used to produce pineapples for export.

That is the reason why we say the fresh local pineapple in Simpang Renggam, is a must try food. There are about 6 kinds of pineapples grown in the plantation. The fruit grows all year, but tends to be abundant during Chinese New Year. Each and every pineapple trees they planted could only produce 2 pineapples in 3 years which makes it so precious to be enjoyed.

The pineapple and corn plantation if truly perfect photographer wannabes and even those just love to see a beautiful night sky packed with twinkling stars. Staying in this beautiful piece of plantation land, under an equally beautiful night horizon is enough to make you forget the troubles you have in life even for just a while.

For more information on Simpang Renggam Pineapple Plantation, you may visit

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