Always have problem with tangled headphone wires? Why not throw that away and start using wireless Bluetooth headphone. Most of the headphones and electrical devices nowadays are equipped with Bluetooth. With wireless Bluetooth’s headphones, you will not be worries about it’s long tangles wires anymore.

We at eRayn3 loves to travel and have been using quite a few Bluetooth headphones before. Recently we have tried out one of Edifier’s Bluetooth headphone modeled W310BT. What attracts us were its sleek modern design and also the flexibility of the headphones. It’s special U-shape design is one of the main design that makes us thinking to try it out.

Edifier W310BT

We have tried out those without the U-shape design which only have a wire connecting both of the ear buds and we realized that the wired headphone will stuck on our neck and we will not be able to adjust the ear buds easily.

With Edifier special U-Shape soft adaptive backband, it helps to minimizes the flapping of cordage when walking (or running). It also has an IPX5 rating that ensures water and sweat doesn’t hamper your usage of the device in different situations.

The Edifier W310BT also has the Incoming call vibration and phone voice control functions in it. Besides that, the U-shape soft band provides 3 buttons for easy voice call/volume/music controls too.

The Edifier W310BT is equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 technology to ensure a stable signal transmission and is also backwards compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 or 4.1 devices that can also implement the low energy features.

3 buttons for easy voice call/volume/music controls
Magnetic rear ear-shell

Coupled together with a half in-ear structure, you get a decently isolating audio device with a rather long battery life of 8-9 hours of playtime. When comes to sound, you could be definitely impress with their quality of the sound it produces with such a small earbuds. It also helps in noise cancelling too.

A nice touch also included is the magnetic rear ear-shell to help secure the in-ear buds when not in use which, makes it very practical in everyday use.

he Edifier W310BT offers 3 colors Red, White and Black; which all will comes with a manual, charger cable and 2 additional sets of ear buds cover. This is one of the Bluetooth Headphone that you would like to consider if you are tired of those wired headphones.

Charger cable
2 additional sets of ear buds cover
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