Set in Tang style grandeur featuring a traditional Chinese herbal apothecary and an open dim sum kitchen, Chynna serves delicate and subtle modern Cantonese cuisine with a focus of healthy eating.

When dining at Chynna you know that you will be served dishes cooked by Executive Chinese Chef Lam Hock Hin who is a known personality in the Malaysian fine dining scene. Known for emphasizing quality and presentation, Chef Lam has curated and refined 11 signature dishes that you must try when dining at Chynna @ Hilton Kuala Lumpur.

Once you dine at Chynna you know that the first contact between the restaurant and the diner a feeling is built. How?

Upon entering the restaurant you are greeted by your host or hostess who will take you to your table and as you flip through the extensive menu of an eclectic mix of Cantonese and Shanghainese cuisine, the resident, aptly-dressed tea master will acrobatically pour you a specially brewed 8-Treasure Welcome Tea through a metre-long spout from his kettle.

Drawing inspiration from local ingredients and favourites amongst diners since its opening in 2004, Chef Lam who incorporated elements and techniques and evolved the already available dishes into making the standout Chynna’s must try 11 dishes.

Mix salad with Kaori Bako, anchovies and crispy Peking duck

From using curry leaves when cooking prawns, to incorporating anchovies in crispy Peking duck, scallops seared with X.O sauce these signature dishes are a must.

Whether it is for lunch or dinner, we promise you will not be disappointed.

We will start you off with single serving of delicious, anchovies and coconut milk; prawn dumpling with aged sweet and syrupy black garlic and Chinese spinach; lobster meat, crab roe with meat, vegetarian fins, spring onion.

Crystal skin black garlic dumpling

Braised lobster soup with Shanghai crab meat, scallion and vegetarian fins

Then there is a very Malaysianized dish of shrimp, fresh milk, butter, curry leaf, bird’s eye chili with egg silk; everything fish – fish maw, fish fillet, white bean curd, fish broth and to cleanse the palate, Chef Lam serves diners refreshing lime sorbet with salted plum and lemon zest.

Butter milk prawn with egg flakes and scented curry leaves

Fish pottage with Sarawak pepper and fish maw

Palate cleansed now it’s time for the most recognized in the world the Hokkaido scallop which is cooked with asparagus and tossed in spicy X.O sauce followed by tender beef tenderloin cubes, black pepper sauce, jade kale, curry leaf, cashew nut, carrot slices, straw mushroom; Chicken cubes with sweet and golden honey marinade topped with spicy and oh so crispy ginger flakes.

Black pepper beef with jade kale

Honey glazed chicken cubes topped with crispy ginger

The final two dishes are a dish served cold the dried vermicelli noodles, which you can top of with hot miso broth – Japanese Somen, enoki mushroom, bean root silk, preserved bean, miso broth and to end dessert black sesame, peanut paste, chocolate, avocado, butter and white sugar.

Japanese Somen with preserved bean and miso broth

Black sesame custard ball Blended Avocado milk with vanilla ice cream

Priced at RM338 per person you will be taken on a food journey thanks to Chef Lam’s must try 11 signature dishes for a good time, anytime with family, friends or even when entertaining clients. You can also order these dishes from Chynna’s Signature Special Ala Carte Menu too.

Note: Operating hour as usual for lunch and dinner from 12:00 pm to 2:30 pm & 6:30 pm to 10.30 pm. The signature dishes are available now until end of July 2018. Come and experience their festive offerings at Hilton Kuala Lumpur. Call 03 2264 2264 or visit for more information.


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