Do you experience problem to get a good place to hang out?

Are you bored with the same place or menu for your meal?

img_2461Get to Alpacasso Cafe at Mid Valley now!

It is the first Japanese character collaborated pop-up cafe in Malaysia!

Enjoy taking pictures with your loved ones and KAWAI’s bear-bear at Alpacasso Cafe! This is the first Japanese character collaborate pop-up cafe in Level 1 AEON, MID VALLEY MEGA MALL.



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You will be surprised that all menu is originally made in Japan. Here are some foods, deserts and drinks highlights for this season:

img_2500FOOD: Alpacasso Curry Island

This magical Alpacasso island rice nestled in leafy green and rich sea of Japanese curry. Filled with lush edible tropical greens. Dressed with Alpacasso face made with cocoa powder.

Price: RM 26.80


FOOD: White Alpacasso Burger

Sandwiching a juicy chicken/beef patty coated with teriyaki sauce, sliced tomatoes and roasted onions between loafs of godness.

Price: Chicken (RM 28.90) / Beef (RM 29.80)

img_2512FOOD: Garden Green Salad

Platter are serve with various healthy greens, served with a special onion or Japanese dressing. Optional: Add on RM 5 for soup of the day.

Price: RM 19.80

img_2514DESSERT: Fluffy Alpacasso Pancakes

Sink your teeth into layers of heavenly sof pancakes covered with white sauce, served with fresh whipped cream and some fruits.

Price: RM 25.80

img_2519DESSERT: Summer Danish Pillow

Amazingly grilled Danish bread with vanilla ice cream surrounded by small fruit islands. Its supper yummy when served with honey on the Danish bread.

Price: RM 25.80

img_2522DESSERT: Potted Cheesecake

This cheesecake with Oreo, rosemary and edible flower on top. You will be taking away a new mug complimentary by Alpacasso when you order this dessert.

Price: RM 22.80

img_2490DRINKS: Cotton Candy Alpacasso

This amazing soda serves with adorable conton candy Alpacasso. Pour soda that has been prepared for you on top of it and watch the magic happen to your soda.

Price: RM 24.80

img_2531DRINKS: Gardens Fresh Smoothie

This is a drink to quench your thirst! This drink is filled with spinach, apple, banana blended with orange juice, coconut water and honey. This is a super nice drink and you must try!

Price: RM 17.80

img_2466DESSERTS: Alpacasso Latte

For those who loved hot drinks. Alpacasso Latte is the best drink for you. This classic hot latte brewed with fresh coffee beans, milk and cocoa powder.

Price: Hot (RM 14.80) and Cold (RM 15.80)

This menu is valid only till 15th Nov 2016. The cafe will renew its menu every 2 months once. If you wouldn’t want to miss the menu, visit them before 15th Nov 2016.


2016-09-30-20-07-15 2016-09-30-20-07-15-2

Besides the foods and drinks, they are also selling original products of the brands below:

・ドラえもん (Doraemon)
・ポケモン (Pokémon)
・リラックマ (Rilakkuma)
・すみっこぐらし (Sumikkogurashi)
・ねこあつめ (Nekoatsume)
・バナオ (Banao)
・もちもちパンダ (Mochimochipanda)

For more information on Alpacasso Cafe, visit their facebook at:

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