No matter the size of the garage or the types of vehicle it houses, one constant in every such space is that little blue yellow blue can of WD-40® Multi-Use Product sitting in a corner somewhere. Ever wonder why?

That’s because WD-40® has long been associated with tonnes of uses for car maintenance, tune-ups and repairs.

SparkPlugs_017It has been know displace moisture from electrical wiring in cars and protect those from corrosion, and to remove grease and grime from metal hand tools as well as engine parts.

Many car owners and mechanics have used it to lubricate and protect a vehicle’s parts from rust with this trusty little oil spray too. Besides, it eases removal of nuts and bolts anywhere on the car for any kind of work that is needed to be done. It also lubricates all metal and moving parts to reduce friction and prevent locking.

CarLock_017Having some problems restarting an old car? You would be surprised that in some cases, all it takes is just a quick tune-up with a spray of the nifty little can under the distributor’s cap down into the distributor body, and to remove some gunk from the wiring of the engine, to get it sputtering back to life.

Engine fasteners that has been rusting for years and frozen into place? No problem. You just need a can of the WD-40®. Just spray and leave it on for the solution to penetrate the rust, and you can release the frozen fastener with no hassle.

But what are the other uses of WD-40® that is not so well-known to those who are not as familiar with this little oil spray?

Here’re some amazing uses not everyone knows about. If you’re a vehicle owner or those who work with these metal lovelies, you should definitely get to know about them. Why? Because every vehicle needs that little bit of TLC to go that extra mile!

  1. Caught in a flood? Don’t panic. WD-40® drives moisture from flooded engines and helps a wet engine to restart.
  2. Someone’s trolley just scuffed your car in the parking lot? Just spray on WD-40® and wipe to buff those scuffmarks out. The same is true for removing paint rubs left by other vehicles.
  3. Get those annoying squeaks out of your fan belts, locks, brake pedals, wheels and alternator pulley, to name a few!
  4. Glove compartment door rusted together? Spray and free it up! For that matter, the same for sticky remote control mirror mechanism, stuck accelerators, stuck fuel door cable, motor shafts, carburetor linkage, stuck battery cables…you get the picture.
  5. Keeping a racing car off-season? No problem. WD-40® helps keep a disassembled race car engine well-oiled and prevents rust when parts are sprayed down and wrapped in plastic wrap.
  6. Removes glue, crayon from leather. As well as old decals on your mirror and bumper stickers on the exterior too!
  7. Love the classics? Restore the shine with WD-40®! It protects chrome and gives it a nice shine.
  8. Can’t avoid parking under roosting birds? Don’t worry. WD-40® can help remove baked-on bird droppings from car and truck exteriors.
  9. Loves the big boys? WD-40® lubricates four-wheel-drive hubs to ease locking procedure, as well as hydraulic lifts on truck bed cover.
  10. It also soften the rubber car door seals, preventing drying and cracking.

As you can imagine, the list goes on quite a bit.

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