Assumed WD-40® is only good for squeaky hinges or to loosen tight and rusty bolts?

Here are some amazing ways that this familiar blue and yellow can make your daily life easier! And with flood disaster around the corner, it’s all the more important to start preparing for any disaster where you might be stuck outdoors or indoors.

“WD-40® is renowned and respected by millions of households around the world because of its versatility and effectiveness through the 60 years since it was invented,” says Marcus Chen Kwang Meng, WD-40® Company Regional Director – Asia.

“With the monsoon season in Malaysia and rainy weather expected, we hope that some of these tried and tested tips can help families and individuals to prepare for the unexpected.”

So what are the ways that WD-40® can help?

  1. floods Gets Rid Of Moisture

Rainstorms and floods will prove unforgiving to your tools, car engine, chains and electrical connections. Displace water and keep your stuff rust-free with a generous spray of WD-40® Multi-Use Product. Several squirts can be used on generators, power panel boxes and electrical connections (with power turned off), bicycle chains, compass, locks and latches, and flooded engines (on a cold engine away from any source of heat!)

  1. cyclegearsLubricates Just About Anything

Malaysia’s hot and humid weather can have damaging effects on moving parts. So when you need to escape disaster in a hurry, keep WD-40® Multi-Use Product on hand to lubricate the gears and pistons of your getaway vehicle. It can be used on bicycle parts, hinges, latches and locks on doors, gates, toolboxes, ladders and trucks, any moving parts on a vehicle, and power tools including drills, nail guns and staple guns.

  1. drillKeeps Parts Rust Free

A fast-moving flood will wreak havoc on nuts and bolts, leaving them rusted and stuck. Get jammed parts moving after a big storm with a spray of WD-40® Multi-Use Product. Penetrates and removes rust from screws, nuts, bolts, plumbing joints and paint can lids.


  1. sparkplugs_026Keeps Your Car Running Smoothly

Before a disaster leaves your pride and joy encased in flood waters, prepare for wet conditions and use WD-40® Multi-Use Product to keep your car engine running smoothly. This powerful product removes carbon build-up on spark plugs, gets rid of residue from solenoids, loosens carburetor linkage when stuck, dries ignition wires (with engine turned off), and also removes residue from pistons.

  1. w-d44104_pliersKeeps Your Tools Pristine

In the midst of disasters, you will need your tools to be ready for any job. Spray your axe, shovel and saw with WD-40® Multi-Use Product to ensure that they are rust-free and in prime condition for chopping fallen trees or removing displaced objects from your yard.



  1. 51wm3pet6xlRuns Wires Through A Conduit

Unprotected wires can be hazardous in an electrical storm. To prevent lightning strikes, use WD-40® Multi-Use Product to smoothly pull wires through a conduit to safeguard your property from a potential fire or explosion.

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