Used in rain, bad weather conditions or underwater filming

You’ll only realise how amazing Waterproof Cameras are, once you’ve used one. Waterproof Camera’s are great for filming in rain or extreme conditions when a DSLR or Point-And-Shoot would get damaged! Some experiences will require the camera to get wet, or even go underwater to capture the experience.

If you are a travel blogger, this one is an essential. You’ll want to be prepared to shoot in any conditions. You don’t want to be caught in a rainstorm and have to pack away the camera.

GoPro-HERO4-BlackThe GoPro HERO4 Black is the perfect all-conditions camera. It films in 4K, which provides more crisp footage than the Canon 80D however, the GoPro Hero4 doesn’t do as well in low lighting. The HERO4 is extremely durable with the water-proof housing attached, you can film in heavy rain, sandstorms, snow, underwater and just about any possible condition.

Pro-Tip: Water-Proof Cameras don’t necessarily always get wet, but they’re great to use when there is a possibility of the camera getting wet. If your DSLR gets wet, it’s almost guaranteed damage. Water-Proof Cameras are great for outdoor activities like kayaking

Film Tip: Be aware that the waterproof housing on the GoPro will muffle your audio on your video, so find another audio source or just play some music over the footage in a video editing software

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