The name Tony Roma’s will not sound unfamiliar with anyone. It’s one of the most globally recognizable names in the industry serving millions of families with their premier BBQ ribs and steaks in more than 150 familiy locations in six continents.

In Malaysia, Tony Roma’s is not just a place for ribs anymore. Their menu has expanded to include variety to all guest; not just rub eaters. Available is an extensive selection of seafood steaks, chicken, lamb, salad, sandwiches and burger entrées along with the most unique appetizers and mini desserts.

TR_003This March, things are getting hot at Tony Roma’s, they are spicing things up, adding a fiery take on well-loved classic menu items. Starting from 1st March 2017, Tony Roma’s “Turn Up the Heat” menu features the best of Tony Roma’s offerings, with each kicked-up-a-noch to let fans explore bold, new flavors. It is quite simply a play of spices and flavour to satiate the most adventurous of cravings!

Dinners can kick-off with their appetizer, Harissa Maple Glazed Chicken Wing (RM 24.90). It consist of six sweet and spicy harissa wings served with fiery jalapeno coleslaw.

TR_007Then dinners can move on to Tomy Roma’s signature main meal; Ribs, Seafood and Steak, this menu features the Spicy Peach Beef Ribs & Peppercorn Steak Combo (RM 79.90) which consist of two delicious beef ribs glazed with habareno-peach, peppercorn rubbed on a 5oz sirloin accompanied with loaded mashed potatoes and broccoli.

TR_005The Lobster, Shrimp Pasta & Ancho Chili-Rubbed Salmon Platter (RM 179.90) on the other hand is a grand combination of Lobster, Shrimp Scampi Paster and Ancho Chilli-Rubbed Salmon served with fiery jalapeno coleslaw, there cups of soup and a choice of two sides.

TR_002As for desserts, diners will be able to cool their taste bud embers with the TR Desert Trio, a selection of theree delicious mini desserts from Raspberry Royale Brownie, Shortcake with Fresh Strawberry Sauce (RM 10.49) Light and fluffy angle food cake with vanila ice cream, topped with strawberry sauce, Strawberry Cheesecake (RM 10.49) Dense and creamy New York-style cheesecake, dazzled with fresh strawberry sauce, Red Velvet Cake (RM 10.49) a sweet, mils chocolate cake with a distinctive red color, layered with cream cheese icing. This butter milk cocoa powder-base cake has become southern favorite or Chocolate Chunk Cookie Sandwich (RM 15.79) a highly recommended dessert that molten chocolate cake overflowing with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge and Oreo crumbles for a true dessert explosion. This is a sinfully rich dessert is truly the ultimate ‘cherry on top’ of a perfect meal.

TR_001An of course not forgetting their two new specially refreshing made mock tails; Cucumber Jalapeno Romarita (RM 14.90) a refreshing Romarita with lime juice, orange juice & lime sour mix. Shaken with fresh cucumber & jalapeno.

And the Spicy Cucumber Jalapeno Romarita (RM 15.90) a spicy yet refreshing take on the famous Romarita with lime juice, orange juice, lime sour mix and shaken with fresh cucumber, jalapeno & an extra “kick” of Sriracha sauce to pair with the set meals.

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