Most of us loves foods and we are also health conscious too. But have you every wonder where did the foods on our plates comes from?

traceTracing the origin foods are important to ensure what we eat are healthy and clean. Trace Restaurant and Bar located at Level 40, Elements Kuala Lumpur are able to trace all the source of origins of the foods that they served.

From the source of their herbs up to all raw foods, Trace has trace it all for you. This Ramadhan, Trace Restaurant and Bar are offering you their special “Warisan Rempah Ratus” foods showcasing a myriad of well-crafted menus and below are a few of their highlights:

Nasi Ambang Ayam Rempah Nusantara Gulungan Otak-Otak Peha Kambing Bumbu Jawa Barongan Asam Pedas Ikan Sembilang Seri Mersing

  1. Nasi Ambang Ayam Rempah Nusantara
  2. Gulungan Otak-Otak
  3. Peha Kambing Bumbu Jawa Barongan
  4. Asam Pedas Ikan Sembilang Seri Mersing

herbs take awayThere were some herbs reciepe are available that the venue, you may also take away 3 types (Kambing Bumbu Jawa, Gulai Daging Salai and Sup Rempah Utara) of their spices and herbs for your own cooking too.

Now, take your dining experience to the next height and be captivated by the stunning city views from level 40, in Elements Kuala Lumpur. This month, Executive Chef Hashrul brings a world of spice to TRACE restaurant and bar with well-balanced menu that is sure to please every palate. from classic all-time favorites to innovative international cuisines, you can expect a gastronomical adventure like no other.

For booking, email to or call 03 2771 3345.

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