the barn restaurantRavishing Ambience, Tantalising Entrees and Succulent Cuisines. This is what you can experience when you visit The Barn at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. They also offers that world’s most finest, handpicked selection of old and new world wines sourced from reputable vineyards in Australia, New Zealand, France, USA, Chile, Argentina, Spain, Italy and Germany beautifully paired with their in-house exquisite cuisines.

This coming 8th May to 15th July, The Barn will be offering El Gusto de Espana – Porky Creations Featuring The Finest Ibérico from Spain.

Ibérico pork is one of the most distinct and sought after meats in the world and refers to black Iberian pigs bred in sparse, large acreages of ancient oak forests (called ‘dehesas’) in the Iberian Belt of Spain.

By Spanish law, Ibérico pigs must achieve 40% of its weight by feeding on these types of acorns to be labelled as 100% purebred Ibérico de Belotta.

El Gusto de Espana @The BAR°N will be featuring the following distinct cuts:

solomillo raw jamonIbérico Solomillo (Tenderloin) Carpaccio RM48

One of the most tender Iberico cut best appreciated for its fine marbling and texture.


pressa raw pressa

Ibérico Presa RM58

The wagyu of porcine world. This shoulder cut is packed with immense flavour and impeccably matched with all-natural free range ingredients. Finished with Spanish Sea Salt.




Ibérico Magro RM38

An exceptional boneless rib cut that combines texture with the rich remarkable flavours of Iberico.




costilla raw costilla costilla 2





Ibérico Costilla (Spare Ribs) RM68

The intensely juicy acorn-rich Iberico ribs loved for its juicy, nutty, melt-in-your-mouth goodness.

  • Served pure, the way Spaniards like it
  • Served in secret homemade sauce
  • Served in secret spicy homemade sauce



jamon raw Iberico Jamon RM35

Cured for over 36 months, the 100% Black Label Iberico de Belotta is known to be the finest ham in the World.

Iberico Pata Negra pig is the ultimate in organic free-range animals. They roam free in the woods of Spain, feasting on acorns. Their meat is deep red, like wild boar, and has the rich nutty aroma of their diet.

“It Looks Rare But It’s Not Rare”

But what makes it so different – and expensive – is the marbling of intro-muscular fat. This gives it both its taste and juiciness. Until recently, it has been sacrilege to cook pork medium-rare – and with good reason. Animal welfare standards has dramatically improved, so pork may now be cooked at 62°C (145°F), the same temperature as whole cuts of beef and lamb. This makes the meat soo tender and sweet compare to other type of cooking.

At The Barn you will realized that all the medium-rare proks does not have any pork smell at all. For those who are afraid of the porky taste, worry not. This is definitely acceptable for you. You would be able to enjoy the real meat flavor without the porky taste all here at The Barn.

dn.asp-5El Gusto de Espana is a Limited-Time Offer promotion at The BAR°N @1Mont Kiara, @Pavilion KL and @Gurney Plaza from 8 May till 15 July 2017. The promotion will feature five unique cuisine created with Ibérico de Belotta pork imported from Spain.

The Barn will also be organizing El Gusto de Espana event on the on 7 May 2017, Sunday at The BAR°N @1 Mont Kiara between 5pm to 9pm.

The event tickets are available for sale at RM188+ (RM88 for children below 12yo) for All The Iberico You Can Eat which they will be serving Iberico de Belotta Presa (shoulder cut), Solomillo (tenderloin), Costilla (ribs), Magro and LIVE carving of Iberico Jamon by a Spanish Cortador, including a selection of other food. The ticket also include 3 free glasses of beer or wine.

For more information, please contact Ms Chermaine Mah 012 807 5996,

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