That velvety soft skin, that tender, juicy pulp, that sweet fragrance and taste. It is arguably the ONE FRUIT that most perfectly symbolise the coming of the Lunar New Year each year. Yep, it is the wondrous Mandarin Orange!

InnhgBorn of an evergreen shrub native to Asia that is believed to have originated in the forests of China, the mandarin orange represents all that is prosperous and auspicious to the Chinese, possibly because the very name of the fruit in the Cantonese dialect, ‘kam’, sounds like their word for ‘gold’.

Not surprisingly then, many Chinese love to gift and receive ‘kam’ during this festive period. As the popularity of the fruit as an auspicious gift and symbol rises, so too does the volume of import of this sweet fruit into Malaysia around this time each year.

But here’s the thing: many a household eventually ends up with loads of this fruit as the season wounds to an end. So what then? Well, JUICE IT and don’t let the all the goodness go to waste! For the fruit has abundant Vitamin C and A, making it an amazingly healthy fruit for consumption.

IN case you didn’t know…

  1. Research has revealed mandarin oranges can help lower the risk of developing liver cancer, as the carotenoids in it that come from the high dose of Vitamin A in the fruit is a great anti-oxidant. So too is the high level of limonene in the fruit, which has been reported to be useful in preventing breast cancer.
  1. Its high Vitamin C content helps fight free radicals and prevent celluar damage. Regular intake of mandarin juice has been known to make skin glow and improve skin tone. The antioxidants in the orange is said to protect the skin from harsh UVA rays and help it resist damage caused by the sun and reducing signs of ageing, like wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes!
  1. The fruit also produces syneprhine, which curbs the production of cholesterol in the body. Besides combating the agents that can oxidise cholesterol and make them stick to artery walls, the fruit’s fibre content also helps prevent cholesterol absorption in the gut.
  1. The fruit can also be applied topically too, like to one’s hair, for that bouncy and lustrous mane!

prosperity-juice-bg-olWith all the amazing benefits it carries, Juice Works Malaysia introduces its new drink for this exciting season: PROSPERITY JUICE! Made with the juice of mandarin orange at the heart of the drink, it is also spiced up with the juices of guava, sweet lychee, strawberry and sorbet.

Outrageously delicious, fragrant, and icy cold, this power-packed beverage will freshen you right up and get you going from one heated celebration or open house to the next, as we all welcome the brand new Fire Rooster Year!

**Retailing at RM13.75 for what we call the Power size (600ml), it also comes in the MIDI size (450ml) for RM12.65, inclusive of GST.

P/S: Grab a Power-sized Prosperity Juice and get an exclusive Juice Works angpow packet for free with every purchase!

P/S/S: Did you know that Juice Works’ healthy beverages are now also available at Sunway Velocity, our 27th new outlet!

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