Tebing Breksi, Jogja is one of the tangible evidence of human creativity that is born from an unpleasant condition. Geohritage and tourist attractions are fairly new in Jogja this was once a limestone mining complex. The community around this Tebing Breksi is mostly a limestone miner.

Lokasi-Dan-Jalan-Menuju-Tebing-Breksi-Prambanan-jogja Located in Nglengkong Village, Sambirejo Village, Sleman Regency, Tebing Breksi of Jogja has changed its status, from limestone mining area to a cultural heritage in May 2015, which was inaugurated by Sultan Hamengku Buwono X.

The ban to close the limestone mine came after a number of researchers found if the limestone found in Breksi was the result of volcanic ash deposits of Ancient Volcano Nglanggeran.

Therefore, the Breksi region is then included in the cultural heritage that must be preserved.

With the change of status from the mining site to geoheritage, the people’s livelihoods automatically as limestone miners are cut off.

However, they did not protest and then demanded. But with extraordinary creativity, the surrounding community is turning the former limestone mine into an amazing tourist attraction.

Tebing Breksi Jogja is in the same area as Ijo Temple and Ratu Boko Temple. The location is also approximately 7 km from Prambanan.

Check out what is available at Tebing Breksi through the below video:

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