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Multiple Award Winning Traditional Malay Cuisine Restaurant Reopened

In celebration of its 13th anniversary this year, the multiple award winning Traditional Malay Cuisine; Enak KL reopened in a new location within Feast Village Starhill Gallery, with a promise to serve authentic Malay cuisine through its thoughtfully curated menu. The modern Malay restaurant is now centrally located in Feast Village, making it even more accessible to guests.   The new Enak wi...

What’s Interesting this Summer at Newens

This summer, Newens Tea House adds a new and refreshing twist to the traditional ritual of afternoon tea by bringing its guest a selection of perfectly steeped cup of tea and scrumptious pastries inspired by tea cultures from around the globe. Catering to those who enjoy and appreciate the finer things in life, Newens has curated a variety of delectable artisan delicacies through its A Journey Thr...

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