The British Themed Restaurant and Bar

Spitafield Gastrobar is named after a famous wet market in London. It serves modern european cuisine with some Asian twist.The ambience exudes casual yet classic setting from morning to night. The Nightingale Bar attached to restaurant, serves one of the best cocktails in town in the coolest retro classic new york prohibition bar style. The jazz band and DJ will make you a memorable night. In conj...

More Localised Food at The Forum KL

Featuring Delectable Southeast Asian favorites with a modern twist. Since The Forum’s change of ownership early this year, The Forum KL is adding more than 14 types of Asian Comfort Foods into their menu section (Straits Cuisine). Well known for their hearty soups and deep-fried appetizers to the usual international affair of meaty racks of lamb and Sirloins steaks before this. The Forum KL&...

Pork Free: Enjoy up to 60% Price Cut for Seafoods Dishes

There is a seafood restaurant at Bandar Puteri, Puchong that was packed with people everyday without fail. It’s called Ocean Seafood Restaurant. They are well know of cheap seafoods in town. This shop is suitable for seafood lovers who would like to have an affordable meal. Whether you are eating alone or in a group, there is always dishes for you. For lone eater, they have rice value meals ...

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