mandarin orange

The Prosperity Juice is BACK

All the gong-xi, gong-xi songs are in the air and the colour red is everywhere. Ready or not, the Earth Dog Year will soon be upon us! To usher in the start of a prosperous Chinese New Year, we at Juice Works Malaysia are bringing back our most popular Chinese New Year drink, the Prosperity Juice! Made from a mix of juices from the lovely mandarin orange, the heart-healthy guava, the super-fruit s...

The Benefits of Mandarin Orange

That velvety soft skin, that tender, juicy pulp, that sweet fragrance and taste. It is arguably the ONE FRUIT that most perfectly symbolise the coming of the Lunar New Year each year. Yep, it is the wondrous Mandarin Orange! Born of an evergreen shrub native to Asia that is believed to have originated in the forests of China, the mandarin orange represents all that is prosperous and auspicious to ...

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