The Prosperity Juice is BACK

All the gong-xi, gong-xi songs are in the air and the colour red is everywhere. Ready or not, the Earth Dog Year will soon be upon us! To usher in the start of a prosperous Chinese New Year, we at Juice Works Malaysia are bringing back our most popular Chinese New Year drink, the Prosperity Juice! Made from a mix of juices from the lovely mandarin orange, the heart-healthy guava, the super-fruit s...

Hate chomping on greens?

“Finish your veggies or you’re not getting the dessert!” Your mom probably tempted you with that when you were a kid. When you got older, you may have used that as motivation yourself to get your green quota-of-the-day filled. If you’re a mom or dad now, you’re probably using the same tricks on your kids. We know it’s not everybody’s cup of tea to chomp through those ...

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