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Stoned & Co Unveils Its Premium Fall/Winter ’17 Streetwear Collection

Stoned & Co dropped their first ever premium Fall/Winter ’17 collection in Isetan The Japan Store, Lot 10 togather with a stunning art installation showcased by Illegal Studio to uplift the visual experience to a whole new level. The Decendent is Stoned & Co’s 2017 Fall/Winter collection which embodies a fresh take on the symbolic Japanese maple leaves in its latest range of ap...

A Recipe Passed Down from Generation to Generation

Do you know that immigrant Chinese and their descendants who had toiled and endure hardship to build a life grew up eating ‘dai chao’ food? These types of foods represented the spirit of “Ker Ku Nai Lau’. These were good, nutritious food cooked by honest men who charged cheaply which provided sustenance and simple joy after a hard day at work. That is also the reason why, m...

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