japanese ramen

Lee Seungri’s Aori Ramen is in Pavilion now!

Malaysians loves ramen. That will be no doubt about it. Understanding the loved for ramen, Lee Seungri; one of the biggest boy band in the world – Big Bang has opened up a ramen restaurants; Aori Ramen in Pavilion early June this year to bring happiness to everyone through the flavors of Aori Ramen. Designed to be customer friendly and trendy, customers can control the level of spiciness wit...

PORK FREE: An Inspired Restaurant by A Movie

Inspired by the characters of dandelion in the TAMPOPO movie, which mean a strong and resilient flower that spreads and flourishes even in the toughest of conditions. TAMPOPO Delicieux located in Sky Avenue Genting is one of the restaurant that you should look forward to when you are in Genting. TAMPOPO are well know for their delicious Ramen and Tonkatsu and you will never able find the same qual...

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