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Toss for Prosperity with Hilton PJ

Celebrate this Chinese New Year with family and friends calling forth health, wealth and prosperity Mention Chinese New Year and you think of delicious, scrumptious, hot and piping food like noodles, dumplings, duck, rice cakes ; or nian gao, fish; or yu, chicken, sweet rice balls; or tang yuan, juicy and fresh prawns and a reunion dinner where families from near and far gather together to celebra...

Enjoy Sarawakian Food Fest All at One Place

Fill your plates with colourful, mouth-watering dishes at Paya Serai Restaurant, Hilton Petaling Jaya, as the brigade of chef showcase an array of diverse Malaysian cuisine. For over 3 decades, Paya Serai Restaurant has been part of the Petaling Jaya community, being the most sort after venue for family gatherings, social celebrations and more. Paya Serai is an iconic restaurant that has evolved w...

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