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Authentic Xi’an La Mian @ Shang Palace Shangri-la

Like Pasta represents Italian noodles, La Mian represents Chinese noodles too. It has been the most preferred food among chinese from all over the world. This week, Shangri-la hotel’s Shang Palace has invited the Master Chef from Xi’an’s Shangri-la Hotel; Chef Wang Quan over to Shangri-la of offers varieties of chinese la mian to it’s guest. Chef Wang Quan has more than 20 ...

Ritz-Carlton welcomes another Award Winning Guest Chef to The Library

Award-Winning Guest Chef Francisco Araya Showcasing its Modern European Cuisine at The Library. This time, with this Signature Guest Chef, The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur continue to impress and inspire more dining cuisine for its guest curated by Chilean Chef, Franciso Araya. Based in Shanghai, Chef Franciso has built a remarkable reputation with fine dining restaurant NAPA Wine Bar and Kitchen, wh...

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