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Eat like you are at Tsukiji Market

Whenever anyone visited Tokyo, there is one place that everyone wouldn’t want to miss. That is the Tsukiji Market. Tsukiji Market is a very well known fresh seafood market in Japan. This place is similar to our “Pasar Borong” but of course Tsukiji Market only sells fresh seafood from the sea. The best thing that Tsukiji Market offer is the ability for us to choose our fresh seafo...

Pork Free: Most value for money Hong Kong Style Steamboat in Kuala Lumpur

Bukit Jalil, along the road to Bandar Kinrara, there were a shop lots on the left hand side of the road where many cafes, pubs and recently the Fat Mama’s steamboat is located. The Fat Mama name comes from a Hong Kong movie artist that you will definitely come across (if you are a Hong Kong movies and dramas friend) a main charater named Maria in most of the 90s Hong Kong movies. Her real name is ...

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