chinese cuisine

A Timeless Reunion Dinner

Nothing beats kicking off the year of Dog than tossing yee sang high up in the air. This festive season Grand Millennium’s Lai Ching Yuen Chinese Restaurant will be revealing its special Cantonese cuisines to celebrate a year of abundance. relish in an epicurean affair and partake in a gastronomic journey with double-boiled dried scallop soup, stewed dried seafood with black moss, whole suck...

Where to get good Dim Sum during Weekend

When you watch the early 90’s Hong Kong movies, you will definitely see one or two of these movies shows them eating in a dim sum restaurant. Yes, that is a normal Chinese tradition during weekend to bring families over for a good dim sum for breakfast. But do you know where you could get authentic and good dim sum around KL area? There is a dim sum restaurant hidden in DC Mall named Royal C...

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