A Special Pork Yee Sang for Pork Lovers

Salmon Yee Sang is a very common Yee Sang that we had every Chinese New Year. This year porky lovers, you have a chance to enjoy a hand crafted Pork Yee Sang in German Style by Brozeit’s renowned Master Chef, Chef Helmut to usher the Year of the Dog! This Porky Yee Sang is an innovative creation by Chef Helmut as all the ingredients in this Yee Sang has been personally created by Chef. You w...

Highly Recommended German Meal

For those who have visited German before, there were definitely some foods that you will miss when you come back such as Pork Knuckle, Sausages and many more. If you are cravings for yummy authentic German Meal, Brozeit is one of the best German restaurant that you must not miss visiting. At Brozeit, it offers the finest authentic modern German cuisine with a great range of biers from the Paulaner...

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