Private Kitchen is a very well known terms in Hong Kong called “Si Fong Choi”. This trend started in Hong Kong where many of the single Hongkies are cravings for family foods as many of them are away from their families or their family foods tradition has not been passed down to them successfully.

The Si Fong Choi trend terms usually means a selection of simple, hearty offerings rustled up by passionate home cooks where it was started in a private residences.

Seat at these Si Fong Choi places are hard to come by, unless you know someone who knows these places and have the right contacts to connect you in. Now, these trends has spread to Malaysia especially in Klang Valley area as our lifestyle here (as many of us know those who are working in KL are mostly from other states) are catching up with those who are in Hong Kong.

eRayn3 has spotted on of the unique Si Fong Choi restaurant nestled in Kota Damansara named Oriental Kitchen Restaurant. This restaurant focuses on offering authentic Oriental cuisine for their guest. All of their dishes was cooked by the owner’s mother and her mother’s old friends. Even our own mothers who tried it loves the dishes here too.

Below are some of the dishes that we have tried and we would say these kind of dishes were unique and authentic:

Claypot Shark Fish Talapia Thai Hot Plate Kapitan Mixed Seafood Crispy Pumpkin cooked with Salted Egg Dried Shrimp Stir Fried with Pig Intestine Mixed Vegetables with Yam Ring Thousand Island Pork Rib Chicken Wine Soup

  1. Claypot Shark Fish
  2. Talapia Thai Hot Plate
  3. Kapitan Mixed Seafood in Sizzling Hot Plate
  4. Crispy Pumpkin cooked with Salted Egg
  5. Dried Shrimp Stir Fried with Pig Intestine
  6. Mixed Vegetables with Yam Ring
  7. Thousand Island Pork Rib
  8. Chicken Wine Soup

For more information on Oriental Kitchen Restaurant, visit


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