Among so may TV brands. Sony TV are generally the pretty safe bet no matter what your needs are. Why?

sony-48-kdl-48wd650-image1-big_ies2426974It was because it tends to have great picture quality and good amount of polish on its surface. Sony TV build quality also tends to be better than the same range TV brands in the market.

Compare to other brands, Sony TV are:

  • Good handling od Motion. Sony TV are the pioneer of motion features. They usually have the best interpolation and most of their TVs have an image flicker feature to enhance motion clarity.
  • Great Upscaling. Sony TV, even the cheaper model do better than average at their range when it comes to upscaling lower resolution content.

Explore the New Exciting World with the Best Smart Sony TVs!

maxresdefaultBest Sony 4K TV: Sony X930E (55” and 65”)

The best Sony TV we have reviewed so far is the X930E model. This model is an impressively bright TV that does HDR better than other LCD TV while remaining a very versatile set that can deliver for almost every use-case.

Its picture quality is great and has great impact on HDR since it helps to produce a very bright highlights that pop. It’s contrast is also amonth the best in the market. Its dimming feature is better than the average TVs. Thanks to the very quick motion responsiveness of inputs, it’s an equally great choice for gamers out there.

Sony_Electronics___XBR_X930E_4K_HDR_Ultra_HD_TV_superheroBest Mid-Range Sony 4k TV: Sony X900E (49”, 55”, 65” and 75”)

The X900E packs a punch. In its price range, it’s very difficult to beat. This Sony LED TV offers most of the performance of the X930E but for about 60% less money. It’s overall a very similar TV. Contrast is about the same and both feature a nice local dimming feature that enhances it even more. Considering this, the X900E will please most buyers minus the pickier enthusiast that really want the best when it comes to HDR.

tv-sony-bravia-4k-hdrBest Budget Sony 4k TV: Sony X700D (49’ and 55”)

If you are not too interested in HDR, or if you would like one of the best sports watching experience on a tighter budget, get the Sony X700D. It doesn’t have as good picture quality compare to the more expensive models , but it still packs a lot of value and will often perform better than TVs multiple times expensive for TV shows and sports. If a home theater isn’t your main focus, you might not see much of a benefit spending more than what the X700D can offer you.


Based on our study, their budget models are not the most competitive TVs, but their high-end and especially their mid-range TVs are among the best, albeit usually at premium price.

But worry not!

For those who would like to get electronics gadgets for a cheaper price, preloved gadgets is something you might want to look for.

Get in touch directly with the owner itself, check out for available pre-loved Sony TV. They offers a wide variety of options for you to compare an choose. It’s website is easy and safe to use too.

Unused gadgets piling up in your home?

too-many-gadgetsHuman tends to love buying stuff that we like or love. But how often that we will chunk our stuff behind after a few months of using it? You may say that we as a human always have the “hangat-hangat tahi ayam”’s symptoms. By the time we realized it, it was too late.

We will find there are a big chunk of unused electronics stuff piling up at one corner of our home.

What could you do with these unused electronics gadgets?

fb-og-v3Resell your unused gadgets of course!

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