Introducing Rascal Republic, pioneers of experiential investment. Presenting dynamic investment opportunities in both luxury sea voyages and eclectic land and villa ventures, Rascal Republic is a portfolio of development opportunities that offer both financial and lifestyle return. From Singapore’s breathtaking 1-Altitude rooftop bar to iconic luxury yacht Rascal, existing projects span the yachting, travel & tourism, hotel & real estate, food & beverage and blockchain sectors – and have now been united under one parent company, Rascal Republic.

Rascal Republic 6Headquartered in Singapore, Rascal Republic was founded in 2018 by a team of boundary-pushing professionals who saw a collective demand for unique and rewarding investment opportunities in Asia. Today, the Rascal Republic asset base stretches across Southeast Asia, the United Kingdom and Australia, and operates across four main divisions:
Rascal Voyages: carving a niche in the luxury hospitality industry, Rascal is the most talked about luxury Phinisi yacht, offering bespoke voyages through the Indonesian archipelago. Committed to protecting the seas its cruises, Rascal Voyages create in order to conserve, and the fleet is now expanding. Soon, new Rascal yachts will serve the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Thailand, with unique itineraries around The Maldives and Cambodia.

Rascal Republic 4Rascal Ventures: Rascal Ventures was a Founding Partner of 1-Altitude and Dallas Bar Marina Bay Sands Singapore, from the sourcing and negotiation of the commercial lease, throughout the venue development and into general operations. Changing the way people invest, Rascal Ventures is also a Founding Partner and Master Franchise of an F&B franchise in Australia, as well as a Founding Partner of a Blockchain investment due to ICO later this year, and has a track record of high yield property investments in the UK.

Rascal Developments: the construction arm of Rascal Republic, Rascal Developments spearheaded the build of Rascal – the maiden yacht of the Rascal Voyages fleet – and is currently building two new yachts. The team has also overseen major infrastructure developments across Indonesia, and is now working on a major villa development project in South Lombok, which includes a 75 key hotel, 120 villas, and a beach club.

Rascal Republic 2Rascal Digital: A fresh approach to investing, Rascal Digital offers strategy, implementation, optimisation and training across multi-channel marketing to increase visibility and traffic for all Rascal Republic brands and third-party clients.

With a proven track record of business operation within both frontier and established markets, Rascal Republic plans to continually seek new opportunities for investment, assessing business plans of start-up companies and fueling ideas as the seed capital partner. Founders Tom Wheeler and Stephen Ebsworth say, “by investing at the source and developing local teams on the ground, we successfully generate high yields and value to pass on to our investors. Dependent on the profile of our investment partners, our track record of investment returns on our projects has ranged from 10% to 250%.”

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